Mackay Drilling Inc. - Serving Northern Nevada and Northern California since 1962.

About Mckay Drilling Inc.

McKay Drilling has drilled hundreds of water wells since 1962 in the Reno, NV and Northern California areas.  We drill our wells with state of the art modern equipment.  The Atlas Copco TH60 rotary drill is well suited for drilling wells.  It is capable of drilling with air, mud and flooded reverse.  It has the power and pullback to drill those deeper wells.

When bentonite mud is required for drilling, we use our portable mud pit and shaker which minimizes damage to surrounding landscaping and terrain.

Mckay Drilling, Inc drills:

  • Domestic – Residential

  • Irrigations 

  • Commercial 

  • Test wells 

  • Monitoring wells

  • Deepening wells​

  • Well abandonment

  • Pump installation

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